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                CREATE Study

                EXCEL Biodegradable Polymer DES Multi-center Prospective Registry Study

                Between June and November 2006,2077 patients, exclusively treated with Excel stents at 59 centers from 4 countries, were enrolled in this prospective ,multicenter registry.

                CREATE study has been published on a number of globally authoritative academic conferences and magazines.

                CREATE Study Six-month Follow-up Results

                Abstract of CREATE study report selected as the plenary lecture of TCT 2007 (Ballroom C);

                Abstract of CREATE study paper published on Am J Cardiol 2007; 100(8): 160.TCT-410.

                CREATE Study One-year Follow-up Results

                CREATE study one-year result selected as presenting speech at 2008 CIT Beijing, China;

                CREATE study one-year result selected as the plenary lecture by Late Breaking Clinical Trial (LBCT) of 2008 ACC-i2. On behalf of CREATE Research Group, Professor Yaling Han delivered the report of CREATE Research One-year Results.

                CREATE Study Eighteen-month Follow-up Results

                18 month follow-up results have been published at the TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) in October 2008;

                On March 28, 2009, CREATE study eighteen-month results were exchanged on the poster at Orlando ACC-i2, and published on JACC, 2009, 53 (10, Supplement): A9;

                CREATE Study Eighteen-month Follow-up Results, Safety and Efficacy of Biodegradable Polymer-Coated Sirolimus-Eluting Stents in "Real-World" Practice Eighteen-Month Clinical and Nine-Month Angiographic Outcomes was published on J Am Coll Cardiol Cardiovascular Intervention. 2009; 2: 303-309 (2011 latest influential factor 5.862).

                CREATE Study Three-year Follow-up Results

                Presented at CIT (China National Convention Center) in March 2010;

                Sub-group-diabetes mellitus study selected for the poster exchange by ACC (American College of Cardiology) held in March 2010, and its abstract published on JACC 2010; 55 (10A Supplement1): A158;

                Presented at China Scholars Clinical Trial (China National Convention Center) of WCC Beijing organized by China Cardiovascular Disease Association in June 2010;

                Presented at 15th WORLD CONGRESS ON HEART DISEASE held in Vancouver, Canada in July 2010;

                Selected for exchange on poster by TCT in 2010, and its abstract was published on JACC 2010; 56 (13 Supplement); B52.

                CREATE Study Four-year Follow-up Results

                Published for the first time at 2011 CIT;

                Published in the wall newspaper area at ESC2011.

                CREATE Study Four-year Follow-up Results Showcases:  

                EXCEL Stent shows a good safety in the "real world"

                EXCEL shows extremely low MACE, TLR and stent thrombosis

                MACE is only 5%; TLR is only2.8%; ARC definite & ARC probable is only 1.2%

                Six-month DAPT(dual anti-platelet treatment) after implanting EXCEL Stent seems safe

                Without obvious late catch-up phenomenon compared to other clinical trials

                EXCEL Stent demonstrate sound clinical effect

                CREATE Study Five-Year Follow-up Results

                Follow-up results were firstly presented at CIT 2012;

                Follow-up results were presented at North China Cardiovascular Forum 2012

                Follow-up results were presented at TCT RUSSIA 2012

                Follow-up results were presented at Xi'an International Cardiovascular Forum 2012

                Subgroup analysis results were presented at CHC 2012.

                According to CREATE 5-Year Follow-up Results

                Current data suggests a high degree of safety of the Excel biodegradable polymer based SES, even though being used in  "real world" settings

                Up to 5-year clinical outcomes indicate a sustained efficacy of Excel stent and late catch-up phenomenon is not significant

                6-month dual antiplatelet treatment seems safe after Excel stent implantation

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